Bachelor, Master & PhD Theses

The DESY CMS group offers several projects for Bachelor, Master and PhD theses related to the following topics

Outer Tracker Module Development (contact Andreas Mussgiller)

Measurements of thermal properties of novel materials, test structures and module prototypes

  • characterization of composites
  • optimization thermal interfaces
  • refinement of thermal finite element analyses

Optical measurements of the deformation of test structures and prototype modules due to thermal stress

  • final design and commissioning of the laboratory equipment
  • optimization of the image recognition software
  • improvement and extension of the reconstruction software
  • realization of calibration measurements

Outer Tracker End Cap Mechanics (contact Andreas Mussgiller)

  • development of a small end cap prototype
  • optimization of the assembly procedure

Development of Radiation-hard Silicon Sensors (contact Doris Eckstein)

  • calibration of Transient Current Technique (TCT) setup
  • establish edge-TCT setup
  • characterization of silicon test structures (diodes) using cooled probe station
  • test beam measurements and analyses of irradiated and non-irradiated silicon sensors using an ALIBAVA setup
  • investigation of sensor properties using TCT, multi-channel TCT and edge-TCT
  • investigation of bulk damage in combination with surface damage of silicon sensors
  • simulation of silicon sensors including radiation damage using Synopsys TCAD

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