Open Projects in the Top Quark Analysis Group

For Postdocs:

  • Differential and Inclusive Top Quark Pair Production Cross Sections (tt, tt+jets, tt+bb, tt+Z) at 13 TeV.
  • Search for New Physics using Top-Quark Pair Events
  • Search and Analysis of the Standard Model Higgs Boson in Association with Top Quark Pairs

For PhD Students:

  • Measurement of (double-)differential ttbar cross sections at 13 TeV
  • Top-quark mass, alphas and PDF from (differential) cross sections
  • Inclusive and differential measurement of tt+Z production
  • Top-quark properties and search for anomalous couplings using cross section measurements
  • Differential cross section of highly boosted top quarks using dilepton and/or l+jets channels
  • ttbar+H(->bbbar) analysis using ttbar dilepton and/or l+jets channels.
  • ttbar+H(->bbbar) analysis in the boosted regime using ttbar dilepton and/or l+jets channel

For Master Students:
There are several topics for master theses. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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