Master & PhD Theses in QCD

Overview of possible Master and Ph.D. theses
Measurements with Gauge Bosons (Z/W and γ* )
  • Measurement of differential cross sections of gauge boson production
    • Measurement of the Boson pt spectrum is a test of soft gluon as well as mini-jet resummation and challenges the theory predictions
    • With the TMD approach (using Transverse Momentum Dependent parton density functions) the measurements are expected to be better described. Theoretical development is needed
  • Measurement of cross sections of gauge boson production in association with jets
    • Gauge bosons in association with multi-jets is a crucial test for the theory, for higher order calculations but also for predictions within the TMD approach. Apart from the experimental issues (as pileup treatment etc) theoretical development is needed
Measurements with heavy flavours
  • differential cross section of bbar and ttbar production
    • multi-differential cross section with additional jets covering full CMS η acceptance
    • measurement of pt of the bbar and ttbar system for investigations of soft gluon and mini-jet resummation. Challenges are at small pt of the bbar and ttbar system.
Multi-jet production
  • Measurement of differential cross sections of inclusive and multi-jet production in full CMS angular acceptance as a test of theory predictions
    • Challenges are the treatment of pileup and low pt jets
  • measurements with the very first LHC run2 data as a test for Monte Carlo tuning
    • dn/dη measurements
    • UE measurements
Longer term projects
  • Comparison of differential cross sections of DY and Higgs production
  • Measurement of UE in gluon induced processes like Higgs
All projects contain experimental tasks, but also theoretical and phenomenological issues. There s a possibility to spend some time on Monte Carlo related issues, and Monte Carlo development. If you are interested, please contact mailto:

If you are interested or have any kind of questions, you are welcome to contact Hannes Jung.

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