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Welcome to the CMS group at DESY!

We engage in activities ranging from physics analysis and contributions to the data taking (monitoring and alignment) to detector hardware projects.
Physics topics are addressed in the areas Top Quarks, Higgs, SUSY, QCD, as well as studies for parton density distributions in the proton. We also work on data quality monitoring, tracker alignment, high level trigger, the CASTOR calorimeter, the beam condition monitoring as well as research and development for the tracker upgrade. DESY is also a Tier-2-site and thus directly involved in the LHC-computing for the data processing chain.

A list of physics publications with substantial contributions from DESY is here: Journal Publications and Physics Analysis Summaries

A presentation of our activities and achievements is here: Report to the 81th Physics Research Committee, DESY, April 2016

DESY offers diverse opportunities for Diploma, Masters and PhD theses both in physics analysis and in more technical areas. If you are interested please have a look at our open projects and/or contact our group leaders.

Exemplary picture from a physics analysis and view of the CMS detector:

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Exploded view of the CMS detector

The CMS detector

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