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DESY CMS Computing Tasks

Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment

DESY CMS Computing Tasks

All tasks can be carried out in part time starting from 0.1 FTE ideally a bit more. Contributing some service work in Computing is rather beneficial for any kind of serious data analysis, since this work strengthens the knowledge about the distributed analysis infrastructure.

1.) Computing Operations and Integration
Besides the local support for the Tier-2 at DESY the central Computing Operation teams are always looking for help. Besides the 'everyday business' in running production jobs and data transfers the Computing Operations teams commission new middleware components. Interested contributors would go in the details of tools like , e.g. CRAB and WMAgent. There is also interest to include Cloud resources like Amazon EC2 or scientific clouds, which involves recent technology trends like OpenStack.
Possible Tasks:
  * Contribute to the described testing
  * Evaluate technology for the CMS use case
  * Coordination of a sub-area within Computing Operations

2.) Tier-2 operations and support
DESY provides a Tier-2 for CMS. In addition to CPU and Storage resources the site needs to provide some CMS specific services. Those services are run in close collaboration with the Uni Hamburg group.
  * Operate and monitor CMS on-site services
    - Phedex data transfer tools
    - Squid Caches
  * Follow up meetings/Hypernews on issues and updates