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Current job opportunities:


Postodctoral Fellows:


PhD Students:

We offer a PhD position at DESY on the CMS experiment in collaboration with the HAW Hamburg as part of the DASHH Interdisciplinary Graduate School - Data Science in Hamburg - Helmholtz Graduate School for the Structure of Matter. This is a three year full-time work contract (100%) at the level of the German TV-L13 salary scheme.

The position in the DESY group at the CMS experiment is for a Ph.D. student in high energy physics as part of the DASHH graduate school. The student will participate actively in the analysis of the Run 2/3 data in particular in searches for new phenomena such as Heavy Higgs bosons and Dark Matter. It is an interdisciplinary PhD position with Computer Science/Mathematics with a focus on data science, in particular on machine learning!

More information and the link to the application can be found here.

For more information please contact: Dr. Alexander Grohsjean, Prof. Dr. Christian Schwanenberger


Master Students:

Bachelor Students:

For the topics above there are many possible projects for bachelor students. A suggestion of possible topics is given below. Please also look into the descriptions of the various research projects. For more information please contact the DESY Exotics group leaders.


Silicon sensor qualification for the BCM1F detector at CMS